Tarpon Fishing: Top 5 Tarpon Fishing Videos

Posted by Brittany Bonds on 02:18 PM, 14-Oct-14

Tarpon fishing is very exciting. The "Silver King" is known for huge jumps, violent thrashing and top speeds on the end of an angler's line. Most tarpon fishermen would agree they are among greatest fighters on the planet. Tarpon Fishing Videos are very popular and the internet public is curious to watch. There are many places to catch tarpon, from Nicaragua to Texas. This collection of videos happens to be based entirely in Florida. 

No matter where you feed your tarpon addiction, the sound of tarpon gills rattling and the splash of a jumping giant is always entertaining. This particular collection of YouTube videos offers a fantastic look at the incredible ways of tarpon. Each one of these videos shows a tarpon or two in the air, head shaking and all. So, click in and enjoy the Top Five Tarpon Fishing Videos.

5) "Fly Fishing for Backcountry Tarpon"
published in 2009 by mtbpt

No fish jumps quite like a tarpon. This short video shows the cast, strip and hook-set of a tarpon. Many jumps and line peeling action make this a perfect example of what a tarpon can do. The Backcountry of the Florida Keys is ideal for sight fishing with flies for tarpon in shallow, clear water.

4) "Giant Tarpon"
published in 2007 by
This one minute cover video of a classic Billy Pate film is one that many have seen. This video shows a school of tarpon as they migrate by the boat and then Billy casting, hooking and landing a massive migratory. It is known that the largest tarpon ever landed on fly is just over 200lbs. That record has not been broken since the days of this video

3) "Fly Fishing for Tarpon In the Lower Keys"
published in 2008 by mtbpt

This tarpon fishing video was filmed in the Lower Keys and features close-ups of tarpon caught with flies. Fly Fishing in the Florida Keys is the best way to sight fish for many tarpon in shallow water.

2) "Tarpon Fishing Video"
published in 2008 by ytadvideo
This cool video was filmed in on the West Coast of Florida and features many tarpon flying through the air. Tampa Bay is part of perhaps the most popular tarpon fishing destination. Tarpon migrate heavily through this waterway and can most easily be caught near bridges where tidal currents are swift.

1) "Tarpon Jumps In Boat"
published in 2006 by udsbrian
This short tarpon fishing video was filmed in Boca Grande and shows a massive tarpon jumping right into the boat right after it is hooked. Boca Grande boasts the most popular tarpon fishing on the West coast of Florida.

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